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Why FCKH8 is NOT an Ally to the Queer Community

They harass and disrespect people on their facebook page. They are actively cissexist, transphobic, asexual erasing, racist, sexist, and misogynist in order to sell shitty, overpriced t-shirts that they stole from charities. 

So in other words, fuck fckh8.

(I understand that a lot of parodies of fckh8 have recently appeared on tumblr and other social network websites. As far as I am aware none of the links I have posted above are parodies, and are actually associated with fckh8. 

If you notice any disparities, please let me know.)

i want the movie adaptation of into the woods to be good but i’m not that hopeful

the director isn’t very good, johnny depp is in it and meryl streep is very hit and miss with musical theatre

i just want a great movie musical.  the last time i got really excited for one was les mis and that burned me real bad


i’m putting my degree to good use

(Source: zerosuits)


"I love how SeaWorld keeps suggesting that somehow Blackfish’s ‘undeserved’ success has prevented it from ‘telling its side of the story.’ SeaWorld was in a position to tell its side of the story for 45 years - in fact, during that time it had almost exclusive use of the mike. Turnabout is fair play, SeaWorld - get over it." - Dr. Naomi Rose

Someone should do a malificent style revisionist story of the little mermaid where Ursula is Ariel’s awesome friend just trying to get her to loosen up and party hardy