Marilyn The Man

Shut up, life!

Just a few of the most painful everyday statements-


  • You don’t look disabled to me.
  • If you’re always tired, it’s your own fault.
  • You’d feel better if you just got up and did something.
  • If you need vitamin D, just go out in the sun more.
  • The pain can’t be that bad. You’re not even thirty.
  • You’re not organized/clean enough…



I can’t stop laughing at this. 

The alarming thing is how long it took me to realize that this wasn’t two gifs of Jamie Lannister.

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If the point of the Big Bang Theory was to show that male nerds can be just as sexist as male jocks then well done I guess

Can be?? Oh, boy, how many male nerds have you met? I love The Big Bang Theory. Is it sometimes sexist? Yep. Are male geeks sometimes sexist? Yep. But the characters are also vulnerable, smart, funny and they do grow. And lots of the jokes and the science appeals to this female geek.

nerd culture deserves big bang theory at this point

the entertainment we take in as children and forge memories with should be scrutinized and outright dismissed if they’re shitty

it’s very possible to retain the fond memories without the movies/shows/stuff

like i’ll never forget when i was 14 and my dad took me to an r rated movie after a bad day and us both thoroughly enjoying the movie and genuinely bonding

i will forget that the movie was the terribly, terribly dated team america

i’m glad we can all come together and agree that the mad pooper is the very best song from bob’s burgers

one of the main differences between xmen 1 & 2 and xmen 3 is the first two are dim and underlit while the third one is flat and overlit 

i will never understand the people who go out of their way to hate gwyneth paltrow

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